Google to enter Auto Insurance Business

Google to enter Auto Insurance Business

Benefits of using a local Independent Agency VS direct writers.

Not to whine, but I think it is a very unfair business practice, for a search engine to get into any type of business, because no one can “out Google” Google.

That being said, I am not afraid of the competition!!!

There are very good reasons for using your local independent insurance agent.

Independent agents have access to many companies, unlike direct writers, which only have one product to sell. This gives the consumer many more options.
Because the independent agent works for many companies, he or she has the ability to make an unbiased recommendation, based on your needs and budget.
Independent agents usually have access to other markets as well as auto, such as homeowner, umbrella, business, recreational, life, and many other insurance products, which makes it convenient to have your insurance needs taken care of at one place.
Having a local agent may save you time and money, by understanding and assessing your needs.
You have someone local, that is able to make changes and take payments quickly.
Local independent agents take the time to get to know you and truly appreciate your business which makes you feel valued. You have someone you can identify with.
Keep the money local! Using a local independent agent, usually can save you money, but that the local agent makes in commission, is spent locally which helps our local economy!

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