Is your home insured through Citizens?

Is your home insured through Citizens?

There are other homeowner insurance options for Pasco County residents.

Pasco and Hernando county residents, for years were forced to place their homeowner insurance business with Citizens, as the major insurers were pulling out of the Florida market. Pasco and Hernando county residents were effected even more, because of the amount of sinkhole claims in those counties.

Since the laws have changed regarding the way sinkhole claims are to be handled and the many mild hurricane seasons we have experienced, there are a number of insurance companies starting to write homeowner insurance in Pasco and Hernando. The guidelines are sometimes more stringent than Citizens, so we would have to find out if underwriting guidelines are met. If so, we may be able to save you money and at the same time offer you better coverage.

If you have had a sinkhole claim (repaired or un-repaired) and are being dropped by your insurance company, we have a solution for you as well!

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