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GFS Mortgage Corporation Offers Possible Relief For and Safeguard Insurance Pros can Insure, Residents Affected by Unrepaired Sinkhole Properties

Thousands of Florida Residents Affected by Unrepaired Sinkhole Properties May Now Have Relief with the GSF Mortgage Corp.   [embed]https://youtu.be/ad2s1kU0S-0[/embed] GSF Mortgage Corporation is now allowing sinkhole repair in the FHA Full 203K loan. New Port Richey,  Florida (PRWEB) February13,2017-- Across many counties in Florida, including: Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas & Hillsbor Read More

We love Motorcycles! Ride Safe!

A motorcycle, carrying a male driver and a female passanger, crashed into a car, right in front of my building today. The impact was so great, that the passenger, was thrown aproximately ten to fifteen feet. The good news, is that the driver was wearing a helmet and other protective riding geer and though he most definitely suffered injuries, he should come out of this OK. The bad new is that the passager, was weariing flip flops, no protective c Read More

Sinkhole Legislation

As the owner of an Independent Insurance Agency, I would like to see a more competitive market. My business as well as my residence is located in Pasco County and have been relegated to being insured by Citizens as well as writing insurance through Citizens. I have seen the premiums, for sinkhole coverage, skyrocket over the past few years, making sinkhole coverage unaffordable for most homeowners. Most of my customers have elected to drop import Read More
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