Sinkhole swallows car in Holiday!

Sinkhole swallows car in Holiday!

I hope this Holiday resident has Sinkhole Insurance Coverage!

A hole opened up at a Holiday residence, that measured about 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep, as of Monday afternoon, swallowing a Hyundai Accent,. Though they are hesitant to call this a sinkhole, until they full investigate and it is confirmed by an engineer, sinkholes are very common in Pasco and Hernando County.

Sinkholes generally start opening up after the summer rains, as the water erodes our porous limestone and forms cavities into which the earth above collapses. These cavities end up forming springs, lakes and portions of rivers that are part of our beautiful Florida landscape, but are a scary threat to residents and neighbors that experience them.

They also created financial havoc for the insurance companies that were paying claim after claim for years, until legislation changed, now making it almost impossible for the claimant to walk away with a cash settlement. Most of those claims came from homeowners that experienced substantial damage, in the form of cracking foundations, walls and pool and patio decking, due to shifting soil. Though in most cases holes don’t actually open up, geological testing may show sinkhole activity below the surface and some type of structural remediation is recommended in those cases. Insurance companies are, in most cases, now, mandating that the homeowner makes the necessary repairs.

Our office has many years of experience working with homeowners that have fallen victim to sinkhole damage and subsequently had to file a sinkhole claims. We have carriers that will accept homes that have had a claim, whether that home was structurally repaired or not. One of our experienced agent will be happy to answer any of your questions or give you a no obligation quote!

Make sure you understand your insurance coverage!!!

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